Scag Power Equipment


Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has been producing heavy-duty, commercial mowers. This gives us the experience needed to know what really works, and what doesn’t. We listen to our customers, and constantly make the changes needed to meet their needs. In fact, every Scag mower receives many improvements and enhancements on a constant basis. Even the smallest improvements are important in creating the “Simply the Best” commercial mowers on the market. This constant product evolution has enabled us to retain our title as the premiere commercial mower line in the industry. You can find less expensive mowers however, you get what you pay for.


Scag Commercial Mowers are fabricated at our parent company, Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of commercial power equipment in North America. Metalcraft also manufactures thousands of various components for a number of Fortune 500 companies in the construction, forestry, agriculture and material handling industries, as well as for the US Military.

Metalcraft manufactures the Scag product in its 630,000+ square foot facilities. State of the art laser cutting machines, punches, presses, brakes, robot and certified manual welders and top notch, highly-skilled employees ensure that every Scag is built to the highest standards. This quality is evident in the construction and design of every mower we build. It’s hard to find a light gauge piece of steel on our mowers.

Scag Power Equipment is one of the last commercial power equipment companies that actually manufacturers their own components. Other mower “manufacturers” are simply assemblers, bolting together parts that other companies have made for them. In fact, every “Scag Gold” component on our mowers is manufactured from scratch by Scag (except for the wheels). Sheet metal and tube steel comes in one end of the factory and the world’s best commercial mowers go out the other end. Manufacturing our own component parts allows us greater flexibility in design and more control in the quality of the parts we use in our mowers. Ultimately, we control our own destiny and are able to react quickly with new designs and product enhancements.

Being independently owned means our design decisions are not compromised by a large corporate entity that also sells sprinklers, vacuum cleaners and other “widgets”. We are not forced to manufacture products that are just “good enough”. The entire Scag Team can focus all of its resources on designing, manufacturing and assembling the finest commercial grade power equipment that money can buy.

Details, details, details. We encourage you to take the time to really examine our mowers and compare them to the “competition”. Pay special attention to the details like ease of service, wiring harness looms and routing, weld quality, component fit and construction, and the operator’s platform. There are lots of mower companies but only one is the best. We encourage you to see for yourself that Scag is the best by taking the time to really examine the details. It will not take long to find the many differences that place Scag in front of the pack.

Did you know that every Scag belt is constructed with Kevlar cords for superior strength and long life? Compare that to the standard, fabric/polyester cords used by the majority of the industry. Yes, Scag belts cost more. They are worth it because they last longer and perform better. When you figure in what downtime costs, they are well worth the extra investment. You will not find a plastic pulley on our mowers. All the load/drive pulleys on Scag mowers are a split steel design for strength and longevity. High load pulleys utilize a taper lock design for maximum holding power and easy service.

Take a close look at our cutter deck spindles*. They feature cast iron housings for strength. They are fully greaseable, allowing you to add new grease and purge any foreign material such as dirt or moisture. There is a relief valve to prevent over-greasing and damage to the seals. Every spindle features a matched set of tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings carry 50% more load than a less expensive ball bearing. They can also handle high side loads, unlike ball bearings. The spindle also features a 1-1/8″ hardened steel shaft, hardened blade spacers and washers. And last but not least, every Scag spindle is assembled, greased and torqued by hand. It is a fine example of the care, design and value we build into every Scag mower. Nobody builds a better spindle. Nobody builds a better mower.

BDP-16 hydraulic pumps are used on the full-size Turf Tiger mowers. Other brands use a BDP-10 pump with 60% less displacement on mowers of the same size. The BDP16 features larger bearings and other design features that will ultimately extend the life of the hydraulic system, not to mention provide increased performance. Obviously these 16cc pumps cost more that the 10cc model however it is a better component for the application. Every Turf Tiger comes standard with auxiliary hydraulic oil coolers. Again, it would be less expensive to manufacture a mower without them but the coolers will increase the hydraulic system life, adding value to your investment. Scag customers expect nothing less than the best to be put into every Scag mower. We do our best to not only meet, but exceed that expectation.

Compare our main frame construction to any other company in the commercial market. Make note of the gauge thickness of the steel that is used. Inspect the quality, consistency and frequency of the welds. Where other companies use a single piece of 7 gauge steel on their cutter decks, we use layers of 7, 10 and 11ga. steel for the same application. Where others use a single tube frame design, we use a double tube design.

Is it overkill? Some may think so, however our customers that rely on our equipment every day do not. Do things like our Kevlar belts, high strength pulleys, cutter deck spindles and heavy steel construction make our mowers go faster? Not really. Does it make them last longer, provide you with less downtime and more value for your dollar? Absolutely. When you get ready for your next mower purchase, would you be interested in something that will last an extra year, two, or more? Are you interested in owning a product with the best components, best construction and best overall quality in the industry, all made proudly in the United States of America? If you answered yes, Scag is the mower for you.